Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Post About Cooper

It happened suddenly. I was opening the door of my friends car when I heard his name being shouted.

I turned my head.

I saw her running and she shouted his name again and I turned and walked in her direction. I ran in her direction. I shouted his name too.

Which way did he go? I asked

I don't know! she panicked.

I stood in the middle of sixth street and three lanes of rush hour traffic barreled toward me and everything in my world was spinning and then became still all at the same time.

You have to get out of the street, she yelled.

So I started to run. We both ran. I ran and I shouted his name and I didn't know why I was running or shouting his name, but I knew that my dog was missing and there were cars everywhere and I felt the blood drain from my legs.

I screamed and shouted and said every prayer that I could think of and everything became blurry, but I kept running and shouting.

I rounded the corner and she was there and she was holding my dog and tears streamed down her face because he was ok and he was safe. His leash had dropped while out on a walk with my friend and her dog and when he didn't know where else to go, he'd gone to people with food.

I held him in my arms outside the restaurant and my body shook.

I looked down at my phone as we walked back. I had a new message from a strange number though I couldn't remember it ringing.

I think I have your dog, someone said to my voicemail, because there are truly great and wonderful people in this world.

Cooper is safe and home. I am getting the feeling back in my world and holding him extra close tonight.

love that dog

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