Thursday, November 1, 2012

Accidental B&B

My apartment smells a little bit like vagrant right now. Well, maybe not vagrant, so much as it smells like boy**. But said boy (who's name I cannot recall for the life of me) has been traveling by van across the country and maybe kind of living out of it. Whatever he's doing, he's definitely leaving the seat up in my bathroom.

I get enough unofficial couch surfers passing through my place that I've named it the Accidental B&B. A stay here includes a well made couch, clean sheets and towels, food, snacks, and a dog that loves to cuddle. Crashing during festivals includes the bonus of power bars and booze.

So how do these not-quite-vagrants end up spooning with my dog? They're usually friends, friends of friends, siblings of people I might have once known long ago or in a past life. Whatever it is, the connection is usually just barely enough that I make up the couch, give them a key and welcome them into my home.

It can be slightly awkward as my connecting walls don't actually reach the ceiling and my door is more for decoration than means of keeping anything private. I like to think that's part of the charm of this unofficial B&B. We make it work.

I once had a boy stay at my place for 10 days. We were only both in the apartment and awake at the same time twice during that entire stay. He is probably the greatest houseguest in existence. The lead singer of Oberhoffer also crashed at my place. We have still never met. He used the bloody mary station I had set up though.

Some of my friends stress about my passers-through, but I tell them not to worry because I sleep with a baseball bat next to my bed, and tell them that Cooper is programed to relaxed mode, but can easily be switched. Besides, I love hearing stories of people with cool and adventurous lives (which is usually why they are passing through in the first place), even if they smell like vagrant...

**This blog post took me a while to write. When I came home the first night it was clear that he had showered. He no longer smelled like vagrant, which was a relief. He also didn't smell like Axe body spray, which is aways a worry with strangers and also a relief.

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