Thursday, November 22, 2012

Accidental Euphoria is getting a makeover!

Euphoria Girl has outgrown Blogger (sorry Google). Starting next week everything is going to look all fancy and new!! My nerdy and awesome IT friend helped me set up everything last night and move all of my posts over. Now all I have to do is make it look fancy. Stay tuned and if things get funky in the next few days, that's just me thinking that I am as smart as my IT friend (I'm not).

In the meantime, I am so thankful for this space where I can share all of my awkwardness and nerdish tendencies. I am thankful for this community and all of the love you give. You are there to celebrate when my adventures are a success and to give me words of encouragement when they aren't. I have a truly blessed life! Happy Thanksgiving.

Cooper insisted on helping with the decorations

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  1. How exciting! I mentioned you here so I suppose now I'll have to mention you again at the new address. Well timed Euphoria Girl! I can't wait to see your shiny new excitingness :D