Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grown Ups Have Ridiculous BIrthday Parties Too

The Hipster Olympics are upon us! Hipster Olympics, you ask? Only the most ridiculous way I could think of to celebrate and ring in the start of the next decade of my life. I'm also inviting ALL OF YOU (no matter where you may reside) because I love you all so dearly. Directions for participation are under the "Hipster Olympics" tab above. Basically, find a bunch of friends to day drink with on Saturday and then go around town on the Hipster Scavenger hunt and post all of your findings to Instagram. I'll be posting the official scavenger hunt list and #hashtag at midnight on Saturday so you can hipster hunt whenever you can that day. Yay for ridiculous birthday shenanigans!  

Just a few hipstery essentials for Saturday

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