Saturday, November 10, 2012


Skinny jeans, ironic tee, and coffee in hand as I ride my fixie and answer only to Tabitha or Blue Clementine? It must be time for some 30th birthday shenanigans, Hipster Olympics style!!

Here's how it works: Find some friends, grab a beverage and your intelligent mobile device and find the most hipstery part of your city or town and instagram the crap out of it! Below is a list of the ironic and obscure for you to find. Feel free to combine them or stage them. Take photos of them, with them, wishing you were them or pretending you're "ugh, so over them." Be creative, add to the list, have fun! The main goal is to be as ridiculous as possible. Upload all of your photos to instagram and hashtag them all with #AEHipsterOlympics (the AE is for Accidental Euphoria). Have fun checking out that hashtag all day to see what people are posting.

I'll be flooding my instagram feed all day @accmusicblog

UPDATE: HOLY CRAP YOU PEOPLE ARE SO FANTASTIC! SO many AMAZING photos and a unicorn has even been found!! Just look at these crazy and amazing hipsters! Keep the ridiculousness coming! 

  • Plaid
  • Marty McFly Vest (otherwise known as “That 70’s Vest”)
  • Malnourished Hipster  
  • Random tattoo that doesn’t appear to make any sense at all
  • A Fixie (vintage bicycle)
  • Hipster riding a “Fixie”
  • Keys and bike lock hanging from a Hipster’s belt loop
  • Proudly displayed pit stains
  • Can of PBR
  • Ironic eye glass wear (lensless frames)
  • Bandana hanging from back pocket
  • Hipster instagraming his or her meal
  • Toms shoes
  • Skinny jeans
  • A beanie or any kind of knit cap
  • Tight rolled jeans
  • Suspenders
  • Belt made from a piece of rope
  • Chai Latte
  • Independent Record Store (include name of store in tag)
  • Ironic t-shirt
  • Fitted Hoodie
  • The most mis-matched outfit you can find. 
  • An actual polaroid camera
  • Ironic Mustache
  • Unintentional Hipster
  • Vinyls
  • Something with a bird on it
  • An article of clothing that is hand knitted or crocheted
  • Intentional bed-head
  • Band t-shirt
  • Full-face beard
  • Deep v-neck tee...on a man. bonus points if chest hair is showing
  • Sweat band
  • Ear gauges
  • Bow Tie
  • Fringe
  • High waisted pants or shorts
  • Nerdware (nerdy glasses, nerdy shirt, etc)
  • Ray-bans
  • A vintage hipster
  • Oversized Headphones
  • Hipster on a Scooter
  • Shaggy Hair
  • Awkwardly short shorts on a fella
  • Someone with flowers in her hair (or his hair)
  • Wicker Hat
  • Unicorn
  • Record Player
  • Skrillex hair cut
  • rat tail 
  • someone smoking a pipe (not the Colorado or Washington kind of pipe)

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