Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mighty Adventures

So I was cleaning up last week after battling evil robots in the back yard when I realized I had a stick figure version of Mighty Heaton and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I mean, I guess I should throw it away, I thought to myself. So I loaded it up with the pile of robotic limbs and drove it up to the dumpster. Except when it was time to actually toss Stick Figure Andrew, I couldn't bring myself to do it. There are just so many possibilities! So Euphoria Girl and Stick Figure Andrew set off on adventure. 

Stick Figure Andrew and I went trick or treating. In an ironic twist, he decided to
dress as an evil pink robot. 

"No, Stick Figure Andrew, I will NOT turn up Taylor Swift louder than it already is!" 

Stick Figure Andrew and me at the Corn Maze. It was going to be a perfect day....
Until we started fighting about which way to go.

And obviously I was right, so Stick Figure Andrew hid and pouted in the corn.

And then tried to cheat his way out. That stick Figure Andrew has no patience for labyrinths. 

But he is a DAMN good hula hooper! 

We had a delightful lunch in Bastrop. 

"Stop grumbling about how they dont' serve scotch here and drink your water"

Stick Figure Andrew was determined to break into Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend.
He was not successful. We may have hipster security guards in this town,
but they take their jobs pretty seriously. 

"Duck season! I kill you all!
Stick Figure Andrew commandeered a ship. And then he learned what happens
when you threaten Pirates. You shouldn't threaten pirates, Stick Figure Andrew.

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  1. Euphoria Girl now has a Stick Figure sidekick! Woo! Is that a magic hula hoop to battle pirates with?