Saturday, November 24, 2012

This is Why I Cannot Own Real Guns

Because I would behave like Sherlock. 

*New Website Update: I wish Wordpress had a physical form that I could throw shoes at in my hostility and rage. At the very least I have taken out my fake gun and shot at my computer repeatedly. It hasn't done any of the things I have asked of it, even when I have asked nicely. After I shot at it with my fake gun it retaliated by cropping all of my pictures so they were zoomed in only on my crotch. Well played, Wordpress. 

Theoretically, it will be up and running next week when my nerdy tech friend is back in town and can reroute it to all of you and it will be whimsical and wonderful. It will be the same address and still filled with all of my adventures, musings and follies. 

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