Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 20 of my 20's

Today is the last day I will spend as a twenty-something. For a brief period I was dreading this moment, but I am now excited for what adventures and possibilities it will bring. Besides, I am hotter and wiser today at (almost) 30 than I ever was in my early 20's. Case in point? I am now wise enough to know that cutting my own hair for several years is not a good idea. At all. That's the thing about being a twenty-something. It's the decade for learning lessons (usually the hard way), figuring out who we are, and then spending the next decades being that person it took us so long to figure out. And I get to be her with confidence!

In honor of surviving this decade, I have decided to pay tribute to some of the highlights. They are in no particular order, importance, or chronology.

1. I got my first kiss (I'm a nerd and a late bloomer. This is not surprising.)

2. I picked up a 2lb dog from baggage claim, named him Cooper, and he forever changed my life.

3. I became a teacher and recently I had a student introduce me to his dad by saying, "This is the teacher who is ready for the Zombie Apocalypse," and I decided that maybe I was starting to do it right.

4. I went to college for a long time and earned a couple of degrees. I hoped once I was finished that people would call me Master Amanda, but they refuse. My next degree will be in voodoo and we'll see who won't call me Master then!

5. I lived in an adorable house on Rundel Park for 7 years.

6. I worked at the Gap, A coffee company, a music merchandise company, a catering company (which was actually glorified dining hall work), as a life guard, gardener, nanny, tutor...I'm sure there are others that I can't remember or have blocked out of my memory.

7. I got my first adult, benefits included, job.

8. I bought goat cheese out of the back of a barn in the middle of nowhere, France. I also traveled to lots of other far off and adventurous places.

9. I hiked my first two high peaks. Only 44 to go...

10. For the sake of adventure and because I was in desperate need of happiness and not finding it where I was, I packed up my life and moved to a strange new city. Just because.

11. I started wearing ear plugs at concerts. You're welcome, future Amanda.

12. I drank Smirnoff Ice...on purpose...on a regular basis. Oh the decisions we make at 20...

13. I went to hundreds of concerts and then decided to write about them.

14. I found my line the night I blacked out, puked on a bar (not in the bar, but ON the bar), and had to be dragged home by a friend who held me vertical by my belt loops. I am not embarrassed by this because I don't actually remember it. I have not crossed that line since.

15. Euphoria Girl came into being.

16. I made good friends, not so good friends, and friends that are so outstanding that I have to pinch myself and wonder how I got to be so damn lucky.

17. I survived my parent's divorce.

18. I got a tattoo.

19. I crossed my first finish line.

20. I decided to embrace how nerdy and awkward I am and discovered that once I did, I was happier than I'd ever been before. I will never go back.

I have always believed strongly in the Hobbit birthday tradition of giving gifts on one's birthday. So, in honor of this tradition, here is a super awkward picture of me at 21. You're welcome.
yes, it is a garbage bag cape. 
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  1. Awesome journal, very entertaining... and inspiring. You really have seized the day- every day!!!!

    oxox Happy Birthday, and many more.