The Backstory

After 27 years of living in Upstate NY, I decided to pack up my life’s accessories in a giant U-Haul and move to Austin, TX.  Many were surprised at this sudden move, but as the old spiritual goes, “You gotta move when the spirit says move,” and my spirit brought me 1,700 miles away.
But not fully understanding the power of the spirit, many of the conversations went like this:
So you’re moving to Texas?
Why Texas?
Why not?
Well, so you have a job there?
Nope, not yet.  Fingers crossed though
Then you know people?
Nope. Not a soul.
Oh, OK, well I hear Austin is beautiful!
That’s what I hear too.
You haven’t been to Austin before?
Nope.  Never even set foot in Texas.
Then seriously, why Texas?
Because I think it will make my happy
Wow, you’re pretty crazy.
Actually, one man said, “That’s fucking awesome!”  He may have been inebriated when he proclaimed that, but he was right.  This is fucking awesome!
I don’t really know if Austin is the end-all.  Maybe like Santiago’s journey in The Alchemist, this is only one stop on mine.  Regardless, this is the chronicle of my decision to follow my spirit and maybe find my destiny (or at least some adventure) and as much happiness as I can bottle up along the way.
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